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Issue Number 4                                          

Baird's Pressure Prognosis Comparison

During 2003 Baird Petrophysical completed over 30 Seismic Pressure Prognoses for its clients. To view the BPI EMW Plot for an actual well, click below.


Pressure Cube™

BPI developed the Pressure Cube™ to facilitate the study of pore pressure, frac gradient and overburden stress for both drilling well planning and for exploration fluid migration and reservoir sealing capacity.  Our clients have used the Pressure Cube to estimate well costs and development costs for offshore fields. The Pressure Cube, however is not recommended for detailed well planning and is not appropriate for final well AFE and operations planning. BPI recommends a final review including detailed analysis of both seismic and well data before finalizing the well plan.

Geologic Review

The Geologic Review is a very important step in the final well planning process. A Geologic Review is a final review and additional refinement of pore pressure and frac gradient estimates based on the latest available information. Usually a meeting including the drilling engineer, exploration manager and company man is the format to transfer the written report and unwritten advice to help plan and operate the proposed well in the safest and most efficient manner.

Honor Thy Drilling Information Over Geophysical Prediction

Daily Drilling Reports, Mud Logs and Mud Recaps are more important than simple seismic pressure attributes from 3D processing magic. The informed, experienced pore pressure specialist knows the rules. One of these rules is to trust and honor drilling data foremost. Other information must be reviewed and analyzed in light of hard data from real wells. Many times, believe it or not, actual drilling data is ignored by inexperienced geoscientists that do not seek the detail available from available Daily Drilling Reports. We have heard that: "It's too much trouble." "You can't believe the reports." "But,... the seismic says this,... and that,... "

BPI specializes in Seismic Pressure Prognosis®. But, and it's a big BUT, we don't use this information without severely scrutinizing the results of our calculations and the source or origin of the data itself. Many times, the raw field tape data or its equivalent is required to get accurate results and results that makes geologic sense.


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