Baird Announces Niche Services Future



HOUSTON --- January 11, 2016 --- Baird Petrophysical International ("BPI") today announced its specialized geoscience (niche) services for 2016 and beyond.


In 1978 BPI led the industry in quality high resolution geophysics designed to identify economic resources and also potential drilling hazards. Since that time BPI has excelled in Four (4) specialized geophysical services that include shallow hazards review and high resolution geophysics (HRG), pore pressure and drilling prediction reports (DPR), well seismic and vertical seismic profiles (VSP) and seismic reservoir tracer (SRT).


Attention is always paid to detail. In client meetings, for good reasons, BPI is sometimes referred to as "The Driller's Geophysicist".


In 2016 and beyond BPI continues to lead the industry in these four (4) specialized geophysical capabilities. To expand on its services BPI offers software, schools and studies. BPI maintains an experienced database of wells drilled in various geologic environments. BPI has developed and owns unique software that was designed in-house to solve many imaging problems that others seem to miss.


If you want to know more, or when you have the need for these expert services, visit and/or call the BPI Houston offices at (713) 461-1784.


Source: Baird Petrophysical International


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