Interpretation of Pore Pressure: 

Philosophy of Drilling Problem Description™:

BPI's Philosophy is Interpretation

BPI's Goal is to Drill Abnormal Pressure Safely*

        We invite you to learn more about our approach. Pore pressure prediction is a challenge. Formation fluid pressure estimates are only part of the service that BPI offers. It is impossible to calculate, compute or design and use a software program to estimate pore pressure without a direct physical measurement. Pore pressure must be interpreted from all available drilling, geologic and geophysical data. The estimate will change based on the amount and quality of information interpreted and shall be different from less experienced pressure specialists and more experienced pressure specialists. So let this be an argumentative warning to beware of the easy, computer solutions for they will provide misleading results. In the 2000 plus wells of BPI's experience, only a few were planned based on data exactly at the well location. We want to show you why. We want to show you the geologic causes of drilling problems; most are predictable.

experienced-based approach

Baird Petrophysical specializes in seismic/drilling/geologic integrated pore pressure prognosis, however, the process used is not a simple or systematic based approach. Instead, every piece of the data reviewed is treated as evidence, like pieces of a puzzle. Evidence that leads the way to the correct interpretation of pore pressure. That's why we call our approach an experienced-based approach.


Our purpose is to provide the best possible estimate of pressures to plan a well and to drill at a specific surface, trajectory and bottom hole location. The crossing of a single fault influences our results. Our strategy includes the communication of not only pressure estimates but any geologic feature that will influence the costs, safety and results of drilling operations from the surface to TD. BPI works one on one with you, the drilling engineer.


Baird Petrophysical does not compete with seismic data processing or software companies. We do not compete with wireline or LWD or mud logging companies. Our work, conclusions and recommendations complement the data collected and processed by these contractors. BPI assists and adds perspective and dimensions to operator in-house analysis. Our work has reinforced in-house conclusions and has identified details which were only determined by an independent interpretation of the drilling, geologic and geophysical evidence. BPI's comments and suggestions at well planning team meetings cannot be duplicated.

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