Ralph W. Baird




President, Geophysicist, Founder

Baird Petrophysical International

1784 W. Sam Houston Pkwy N.

Houston, Texas U.S.A. 77043

Phone: +1 (713) 461-1784

Fax: +1 (281) 558-8252



B. S., Geophysical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, 1971

Minor, Geological Engineering, Mineral Economics, Colorado School of Mines

Graduate Studies, Petroleum Engineering, University of Tulsa, 1972

Graduate Studies, Economics, Oklahoma State University, 1973

Graduate Studies, Business Administration, University of Houston, 1977


Certified Petroleum Geophysicist, DPA # 121 ( AAPG Division of Professional Affairs, by peer review )

Certified Professional Geologist ( "CPG" ) ( AIPG  #4275, by peer review )

SIPES National #2473, by Peer Review

Registered Professional Engineer ( "PE" ) ( in Colorado #13569, by Exam )

Licensed Professional Geoscientist ( "PG" ) ( in Texas #2463 )

Sigma Gamma Epsilon ( elected member, Earth Science Honorary )

National Science Teachers Association ( NSTA ) ( member, contributor, advisor )

National Earth Science Teachers Association ( NESTA ) ( member )

American College of Healthcare Executives ( past member, advisor )

Commercial Pilot (  FAA  #2138605 )



  • 2016 Legion of Honor, Society of Petroleum Engineers

  • 2011 Colonel Edwin L. Drake Legendary Oilman Award, Petroleum History Institute (PHI) , presented at Marietta, Ohio

  • Advisory Team and Invited Contributor, Encyclopedia of Petroleum Geoscience, Encyclopedia of Earth Science series, Springer Science+Business Media ( Springer, Heidelberg ), 2013/2014

  • Councilor, Division of Professional Affairs (DPA), AAPG, 2011-2017

  • Board of Directors, Senior Advisor, Texas EquuSearch Search and Recovery Team ( Non-profit 501(c)(3) ), 2005-2014)

  • Senior Advisor, Earth Science Matters Foundation ( Non-profit educational ), 2010-present

  • Board of Officers, Board of Directors, International Year of Planet Earth ( IYPE a Non-profit 501(c)(3) Delaware), 2007-2011

  • International Committee, SEG Liaison, The Electronic Geophysical Year ( eGY, Boulder, CO ), 2006-2010

  • Guest Editor, The Leading Edge, monthly professional journal of the SEG ( SEG, Tulsa, OK ), 2007

  • Instructor, AAPG Education Conference ( AAPG, Houston, TX ), 2009

  • Invited Contributor, Encyclopedia of Solid Earth Geophysics, Springer Science+Business Media ( Springer, Heidelberg ), 2011

  • Expert Reviewer, Near Surface Geophysics, European Association of Geoscientsts and Engineers (EAGE), 2011


Project manager. Business management. Member, Officer, corporate Board of Directors. Member, Officer professional society Board of Directors. Management including planning, organizing, execution and coordination of exploration and drilling projects.  Marketing of high technology exploration and drilling services and products, domestically and internationally.  Financial planning and administration.  Personnel procurement and training.  Organization of public relations, financial and technical information.  Conducted large scale seminars and coordinated all promotional and presentation activities.  Coached presenters.  Prepared bids to satisfy requests for proposals.  Prepared financial comparatives.


Geophysicist. Geologist. Engineer in CO. Special interest and pioneer of Pore pressure analysis for well planning and exploration prospect evaluation, expertise and instructor. Specialized and high tech seismic exploration detailed and confirmation methods. Exploration basin and prospect evaluation using conventional hands-on subsurface methods and integrating modern computer data base mapping and process­ing.  Seismic stratigraphic and structural interpretation, including reservoir limits and reserve estimates.  Potential field methods, gravity, magnetics, radiometrics, radar and sonar exploration.  Geochemical coring and sampling.  Survey planning and budgeting.  Well log analysis correlation and integration to seismic.  VSP planning and interpretation.  Operations' direction including equipment specification and testing.  Data processing parameter and sequence selection for optimum results.  Developed and authored guidelines for survey quality enhancement, processing guidelines and report requirements for upper management. 


1978 - Present 

Baird Petrophysical International, Baird Comap Ltd, PetroDevelopment Advisors LLC, Houston

Experienced and qualified Geophysicist; Founder, President, Registered Professional Engineer (Colorado), Geological Consultant, Geophysical Consultant.  50% US Onshore Gulf Coast and Offshore; 50% International Basins. Assisted geologists in generating prospects in sandstone and carbonate basins.  Advisor on exploration concept management.  Qualified in all aspects of geophysical exploration and specialized areas for well planning.  Integrated geophysical results with geology and drilling.  Technical and administrative responsibility as a 55 man oil, gas and mineral exploration services contractor. Advisor to start-up companies including fast track organization to first day of revenue after board approval for new businesses.

A complete list of projects and scope of work is available. ( Please call Baird Houston Office for list. )

U. S. offshore experience: US Gulf Coast (Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Florida), US East Coast (Georgia, New Jersey), California, Gulf of Alaska, Cook Inlet, North Slope, Alaska.  Onshore:  US Gulf Coast (Texas, Louisiana, Alabama),  West Texas, Central Texas, East Texas, SE Oklahoma, Arkansas, Wyoming. 

International: Offshore Malaysia, Indonesia, Offshore China, Australia, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Somalia, Kenya, Yemen, Egypt, U.A.E., Angola, Congo, Liberia, Equatorial Guinea, Chad, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Ghana, Zaire, Trinidad, Aruba, Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Belize, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Canadian East Coast: Davis Strait, Greenland, South Korea, Madagascar, Nigeria, Philippines, Taiwan, Tasmania, UK North Sea, Norway North Sea, Spain, Tunisia, Algeria, Vietnam, Offshore Israel, Red Sea, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Kurdistan, Afghanistan and Albania. 

Retained by drilling contractors for geologic prognosis for well planning.  Retained by independent oil companies for prospect review, due diligence and evaluation.  Provides advanced, interpretational, analytical  2-D and 3-D seismic interpretation and 2-D and 3-D seismic data processing. Instructor, Pore Pressure and Frac Gradient School JV with Leo J. McClure.

2007 - Present

PetroDevelopment Advisors, LLC

Co-Founder. Oil and gas advisory service.  Advisor and recommended management of producing properties. Evaluate economic value of producing and undeveloped properties and business joint ventures. Recommend enhancements and identify undeveloped reservoirs. Provides due diligence, business planning, communications. field studies, presentations, 3D seismic data collection, management and interpretation, oilfield service company startups and merger management, oilfield infrastructure and management of investment opportunities identified by market conditions and special opportunities. Advise E&P's and partners concerning appropriate technologies and management of technology, assets and personnel.


Timko, Lindahl and Schweikhardt, Inc., Houston

Vice President.  Generated prospects for independent oil company onshore Texas.  Reported to Don Timko.

1976 - 1978

Fairfield Industries, Inc. (formerly Aquatronics International, Inc.), Houston

Director.  Coordinated and contributed to growth of skills of field operation, data processing and interpretation services and products.  Responsible for developing business, estimating costs, writing proposals, sales plans and activities for corporate growth. Organized and reviewed results of surveys including high resolution shallow digital seismic, side scan sonar, magnetometer, and subbottom profiler.  Responsible for compiled reports, professional certification and coordination with clients.

Established the prediction of potential drilling hazards by high resolution geophysical techniques.  Initiated five educational seminars on advanced predictive methods for industry clientele. Author of eight published technical papers; presented material at 39 professional society meetings.  Designed projects for detailed and regional mapping for reservoir studies on the Gulf Coast; for planning drilling and foundation soils studies in Texas, Louisiana, New Jersey, California, Alaska, Canada, the West Indies, Central America and Taiwan.  Reported to President, Tom Nichol and Vice Presidents Neil Moore and Rex Reavis.

1971 -1976

ConocoPhillips (Continental Oil Company), Houston and Ponca City, OK

Geophysicist, Engineer (Production) and Log Analyst.  Seismic description of producing reservoirs. Responsible for geologic pore pressure prognosis of proposed wells.  Instructor of Basic Well Logging.  Consultant for exploration and exploitation reservoir modeling geophysics.  Initiated seismic reservoir analysis within the production department.  Reported to the manager of Formation Evaluation, Gregory Hammack and Chief Drilling Engineer, Roscoe Clark, Tip Merrill.  Worked along side Paul Pilkington and Walter Fertl. Experience in six international oil basins including the North Sea, South China Sea, West Africa and the Arabian (Persian) Gulf. 

Exploration geophysicist.  Prospect evaluation; geophysical structural and stratigraphic interpretation.  Presented evaluation results and methods, including reserve estimates to operating committee of four major oil companies (Conoco was the managing partner in the CAGC Exploration & Production Partnership (Conoco, Arco, Getty and Cities Service).  Developed shallow gas and pore pressure mapping techniques which were documented and turned over to all offshore operators.  Administered seismic modeling lithology group.  Reported to Regional Geophysicist, Carl Gullick and Exploration Manager Hank Hill.  Experience in U. S.  Gulf Coast and Offshore Texas and Louisiana. 

Data Processing Geophysicist.  Seismic data processing special problems using CONSEIS; organized extensive prototype field acquisition system for minerals exploration including direct data entry into computer and automatic computer contouring.  Supervised input and analysis of well log data into CONMAP system for exploration mapping and data retrieval.  Reviewed development of structural and isopach maps derived from log analysis and correlation to seismic sections.  Reported to R. E. 'Dick' Schneider, C. E. 'Chuck' Warnaca, Ben Smith and Wes Bird.

1968 - 1970 

Shell Oil Company, Gaylord, MI and Denver, CO

Oklahoma Exploration Division, Seismic Field Crew, various assignments in Michigan Basin.  Shell Oil supported students through summer jobs and part-time employment. Reported to Roger Baker and Phil Beatty. Interviewed and hired by Marshall Wicker.


GSH Journal, November and December 2013

GeoExpro, Issue 2, Volume 9, 2012

AAPG The Correlator, First Quarter 2012

AAPG Explorer December 2006

Call the office for additonal articles and feature stories on Ralph's work.



A complete list of publications, including private, public and industry reports is available. For a complete list please contact BPI. Partial list of published works and publications:

Baird, R. W., "Lost Is Not Alone: Search and Discovery by Texas EquuSearch," Pioneer Oil Producers Society, Houston, May 2012:  


Gupta, H. (Ed.), Baird, R. W. (Author, "International Geophysical Year"), et al, Encyclopedia of Solid Earth Geophysics, 2011:

                         <<Click here for proof>>  Call our Houston office for a copy of the contribution.

Baird, R. W., "Exploration Success and Failures from Pore Pressure Assumptions", AAPG Fall Education Conference, Houston, 2009.

Baird, R. W., "Hope and Excitement from Fun in the Past: Exploration Team Building," Exploration Excellence Evening, Noble Energy, 2006.

Baird, R. W., "UNESCO International Year of Planet Earth and Houston: the Next Sputnik," Rotary Club of University Area Houston, 2008.

Baird, R. W., and Hall, J. D, "Introduction to this Special Section: eGY: The Electronic Geophysical Year," (The Leading Edge, 2007)

Baird, R. W., "International Geophysical Year - the Next 50 Years," Paper Number U41D-03, Joint Assembly, American Geophysical Union, Baltimore, 2006

Baird, R. W., "Personal Reflections of the IGY with Hope for a Successful eGY," Joint Assembly, American Geophysical Union, New Orleans, 2005

Allen, J. L., Baird, R. W., Neidell, N. and Sheriff, R., "The Role of Seismic Technology for Independents," SIPES Houston Chapter Seminar, 1992

Baird, R. W., et al, "Computer Contouring Applications to Stratigraphic Exploration," Continental Oil Company, 1972, In-house Text.

Baird, R. W., "A Fully Computerized Mineral Exploration Aeromagnetic and Aeroradiation Data Acquisition and Mapping System," Continental Oil Company, 1973, User Manual.

Baird, R. W., "Prediction of Potential Drilling Hazards by High Resolution Geophysical Techniques, Distributed to the Offshore Operators Committee," Continental Oil Company, 1974, 80 pp.

Baird, R. W., "The Search for Artifacts Beneath the Sea Floor," Pioneer Oil Producers Society, Houston, 1975.

Baird, R. W., "Explanation of Shallow Blowouts and Lost Time Incidents with Some Recommendations," OTC 1610, May 1976.

Baird, R. W., "Production Engineering Requirements and Exploration Technology," Geophysical Society of Houston, January 1976.

Baird, R. W., "Shallow Gas Detection for the Independent Oil Company," SEG, 1978 Annual Meeting.

Baird, R. W., "System to Predict Offshore Drilling Hazards," Petroleum Engineering International, 1979.

Baird, R. W., "Measurement of Drilling Hazards Before Drilling," OTC 3619, 1979.

Numerous private reports and publications on the subjects of: Exploration Risk Management, Petroleum Exploration, Exploration Concepts, Oil & Gas Economics, Drill Site Safety, Abnormal Pressure Prediction, Deep Water Fracture Gradients, Shallow Gas Blowouts, Seismic Data Licensing, Disposal Well Geology and Hydraulics. (Contact BPI for listing)

Numerous research reports on the subjects of: Seismic Interpretation, Seismic Data Processing, Seismic Data Acquisition, Log Analysis, VSP Vertical Seismic Profile Computer Processing, VSP Interpretation, Drilling Geomechanics. (Contact BPI for listing)

Teaching materials and lecture handouts on the subjects of: Drilling with Seismic, Pore Pressure and Frac Gradient Prediction, Shallow Drilling Hazards, High Resolution Geophysical Surveying, Seismic Amplitude Modeling Using Well Logs.   (Contact BPI for listing)


American Petroleum Institute ( API ), Member, Houston Chapter ( - present), ( National Committee Member 1973-76 )

Society of Petroleum Engineers ( AIME - SPE ) (Member 1967-). Member, Gulf Coast Section. www.spe.org

American Association of Petroleum Geologists ( AAPG ) (Member 1976-), Founding Member, Energy Minerals Division, AAPG Foundation Grants-In-Aid Committee, AAPG Instructor, AAPG DPA Certified Petroleum Geophysicist. www.aapg.org

Society of Exploration Geophysicists ( SEG ) (Member 1968-), Chairman OTC Technical  Program Committee, Chairman Offshore, Exploration and Oceanography Committee, Reviews Committee, Continuing Education Committee, Production and Development Committee, Exhibitors Committee, Annual Meeting Technical Program Committee; SEG Foundation Trustee Associate, Chairman eGY 2007-2008 Ad Hoc Committee, Guest Editor The Leading Edge, Oct. 2007, Representative to the International Year of Planet Earth, Youth Education Committee. www.seg.org

Geological Society of America ( GSA ) Professional member, Member Geology and Society Division, Committee member Year of Planet Earth. www.geosociety.org

Geophysical Society of Houston ( GSH ) (Member 1973-), Vice President, Member Board of Directors, Section Representative, Chairman Company Contacts Committee, Chairman, Employment Referrals Committee, Co-chairman GSH Continuing Education Seminar, Initiator VIP Breakfast.

Houston Geological Society ( HGS ) (Member 1973- ), Chairman Year of Planet Earth Committee www.hgs.org

American Rock Mechanics Association ( ARMA ) (Member 2013- ) http://armarocks.org/

Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts ( SPWLA ) (Member 1975-)


International Association of Drilling Contractors ( IADC ) Member (  -2017)

Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists ( SIPES ) (Member) Member, SIPES-Houston.

American Association of Drilling Engineers ( AADE ) Charter Member, Houston Section.

International Association of Geophysical Contractors ( IAGC ) (Member 1979-2016)

Houston Chamber of Commerce (Member 1978-86)

Greater Houston Partnership (Previous membership, Invited Member, Small Business International Representatives)

American Institute of Professional Geologists ( AIPG ) (Member 1978- )

American Society of Civil Engineers ( ASCE ) (Member 1974-2003)


American Geophysical Union ( AGU ) (Member 1973-) Texas Delegate, Congressional Visits Day, Washington, D.C., 2006.

Association of Earth Science Editors ( AESE ) ( member )

Association of Fundraising Professionals ( national member and member of Greater Houston Chapter )


Alaska Geological Society, Member

Oklahoma City Geological Society, Member

Dallas Geological Society, Member

West Texas Geological Society, Member

Corpus Christi Geological and Geophysical Society, Member (2004-)

Lafayette Geophysical Society, Member (2004-)

Geophysical Society of Tulsa (Member 1971-74, inactive)   

European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers ( EAGE ) Member (2003-).

Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists ( CSPG ) Member (2003-)

Ohio Geological Society (Member)

Nevada Petroleum & Geothermal Society  (Member)

Geological Modeling Society of Houston ( GMSH, inactive )


Society of American Military Engineers ( S.A.M.E. 1967-75, 2015-present ) Member U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Reserves www.same.org

Army Engineer Association,  Member www.armyengineer.com


Colorado School of Mines, CSM Alumni Association (CSMAA, Life Member), Presidents Council (Charter Member), Integral Club (Charter Member)


University of  Tulsa Petroleum Engineering Advisor Committee, Ex-officio Member (1972-78)

American College of Healthcare Executives ("ACHE") Member (2004-05, inactive)

Sigma Nu Fraternity (Gamma Eta Chapter) Advisor, Treasurer

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) : FAA, Commercial Pilot (1971-)

Angel Flight South Central ( Command Pilot ) (2003- ), Transportation of cancer patients in/out of Houston by personal aircraft.


Texas EquuSearch Search and Recovery Team, Senior Advisor, Sponsor, Traveling Lecturer, Director, Board of Directors (2009-2013), Technical Advisor, Search Coordinator, Volunteer (2005- present) www.TXEQ.org


Civil Air Patrol USAFA, Senior Member http://www.gocivilairpatrol.com

American Radio Relay League (ARRL) (1961-) : FCC, General Class Amateur Radio Operator, Treasurer AREC, Amateur Radio Emergency Corps

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Member

Houston Museum of Natural Science, Supporting Member

World Affairs Council of Houston (2008 - ), Member

Houston PBS (2008 - ), Director's Circle




United Aircraft Four-Year Mathematics Prize

American Cyanamid Scholarship

National Science Foundation, Pre-College Science Center, Space Science

Honorable Discharge, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, First Lieutenant (ROTC 1967- 1971)