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Simple Seismics by Nigel Anstey is being re-published by Baird Petrophysical on a less than cost basis.

For a limited time, Baird offered this re-published book at no charge. That time has pasted and now BPI is offering single copies (one copy) of  Simple Seismics  at a special price of USD$20.00. We print 400 copies at a time in order to make this book available. We received over one thousand requests from overseas researchers and students, which we did not expect, so we changed our policy June 1, 2006 to collect for the shipping and handling. In the future our plans are to offer many books through Amazon as publish on demand publications. If you come to Baird Petrophysical's office personally, we will gladly give you one (1) copy at no charge; Baird still provides this book and other books to its clients at no charge.

To receive one (1) copy of Simple Seismics, please fill in the form below and then click 'Send  Request' and mail USD$20.00 to cover costs to:

Baird Petrophysical International, Inc.

1784 West Sam Houston Pkwy North

Houston, Texas 77043 USA

After BPI receives your request and the reimbursement of USD$20.00, your copy of Simple Seismics will be mailed to you.

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