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What more can Baird Petrophysical, "The Driller’s Geophysicist™" do for you?

Nothing much I can add to what you guys already do, but I see the process as somewhat of a three legged chair.

First is what we (BP) are now calling "no drilling surprises" and it involves the entire overburden. More to the point is an independent analysis of the rock from surface to TD (apart from the geologist/geophysicist working the play), but bringing their expertise to bear in the process.

Second is pore pressure monitoring while drilling, amending the original forecast based on how things shape up in real time.

Third is a "final report" with the predicted and actual pore pressure, mud weight, frac gradient and reasons why the original plan may not have been what was encountered.

As you can see, the above is what you guys already do, so nothing new there. If I can think of anything earth shattering, I will let you know.