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BPI Baird Petrophysical
"The Driller's Geophysicist"

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Our graduate engineers have worked on over 2000 wells since 1970. We pioneered both pore pressure prediction and shallow gas mapping.
  • References and a list of clientele available upon request. Call us.
portfolio Convenient West Houston Office Founded in 1978, BPI Baird Petrophysical has provided quality services to the upstream petroleum industry. Hundreds of operators and non-operators have used and continued to use BPI's specialized services.
portfolio Seismic Pressure Prognosis: Well A This is a portion of BPI's EMW Plot. Pressure gradients are determined from drilling, geologic and geophysical data to within 0.5 PPG EMW of actual pore pressure gradients encountered while drilling.
portfolio PORE PRESSURE SCHOOL BPI Baird Petrophysical and Leo J. McClure offer their combined Seismic Pore Pressure and Frac Gradient Prediction School to the industry. This state-of-the-art school includes geologic origins of abnormal pressure and emphasizes 2D and 3D Seismic methods, Log plotting, pore pressure software and Monitoring LWD, mud logs and drilling data. Call for a syllabus.
portfolio PORE PRESSURE SOFTWARE BPI has experience with its own and several commercial and research pore pressure, seismic and well logging software. We can help you decide what you need and how to implement the software effectively in your organization. Don't get trapped into push button software solutions. Call us now.


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