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"The Driller's Geophysicist™"  

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P Wave Field Reflections and Paths

" Pore pressure prediction is very specialized.  BPI uses digital seismic reflection data and well data to measure rock properties of interest to assist our drilling engineers that plan wells and for our drilling team that is responsible for drilling operations. No where else does this type of experience reside than at BPI. The wells that they have worked on for us are testimony to the quality of service that they offer."


" We used to do it [pore pressure prediction] all in-house. Baird proved to us that our software was a tool and not a solution- that we could do better...... BPI came in and confirmed our conclusions and made additional recommendations to improve our well plan. Since then, we call on BPI for their input. Their ideas and experience have impacted our costs positively....... They worked with us......  We are drilling safer wells now....... I have recommended BPI  to our partners."

" We found that we needed close contact with a company (we use Baird Petrophysical) that can assist our drilling personnel with high tech well planning using the latest tools and most experience available. They provide our drillers with the type of information they need for safe and efficient well planning."

" The work that BPI provides to us starts with the principles identified by Pennebaker at Exxon in the 60's and Pilkington at Conoco in the 70's, but it goes way beyond those early efforts. Today, it takes specialized attention to detail and hands-on analysis of all data available. Although Baird uses software in their analysis, we know it takes more. Our people tried all the software out there. Software is not the answer, believe me, experience is."



BPI serves you as The Driller's Geophysicist™ to help you plan and drill safely. This web site is BPI's start as your source for pore pressure related information and services.  Order our publications. Invite BPI to train your drillers. Sign up for our technical newsletter which contains columns contributed by experts with the most experience available: Ralph Baird and his staff are ready to share their knowledge with you. Review our unique service offerings and call, fax or E-mail for more information about how we can best serve your needs.     Click to the left to get our private technical  newsletter and register your name for future updates to this site. For Software and Schools offered by BPI click below. Visit and return to our database of experience: Database of Wells. Visit the  Case Studies - Case Histories.    If you register below, BPI will keep you informed when new studies are available. Case studies are planned to be added to this site and are available now in printed form for you to review and use in your well planning.

This web site is a planned dynamic web site... interactive database access and analysis will be added at a later date. This site will be an updated source for as-drilled wells, technical information and education concerning pore pressure and fracture gradient measurement.   You will want to visit this site at each stage of new development.

BPI provides planning interpretation and analysis of geological and geophysical information to engineers in clearly worded reports with specific conclusions and recommendations. We specialize in pore pressure prognosis, shallow hazards identification, VSP analysis and seismic reservoir mapping. We act as your technical partner/advisor to drill abnormal pressure safely™.

We use 2D and 3D seismic. drilling data and well data to predict pore pressures for drilling engineers:

Offshore, a seismic ship records acoustic reflections from layers of rocks. The acoustic velocity of each layer is measured and used to estimate the fluid pressure gradient of each layer.

List of Information required for a BPI Pressure Prognosis.

Bibliography of selected references about pore pressure.

Shallow Gas Hazards information to consider.

   BPI Pressure School agenda and topics for planning a BPI Pore Pressure and Frac Gradient School.

   Equivalent Depth Curves ™  example.

   McClure Plot ™  examples.

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